Which is stronger? (push from Windows, pull from Mac)


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Jun 22, 2005
What do you think is stronger:

The push from Windows....

Or the pull of Mac?
(as in...windows.... people dislike many things about it - mac, much to love)


for me i think its the push from windows....... This is a terrible operating system which is mass produced without care for the consumer. IMO


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Jan 6, 2004
the push away from windows as people get upset and annoyed with it.

Macs can start the pull as soon as they overcome the stigmas and falsehoods sprouted about it.


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Mar 17, 2005
London, England
both. therein lies the power. ;)

i came into OS X knowing next to nothing about it but i knew i was sick to death of windows and i stumbled into something better. i knew it was for me within 30 minutes of playing with it.

it is to the point now where i throw my hands in the air and strongly avoid dealing with the windows machine i have. my 3 year old son uses it (and has done some reallly strange things to it) i don't even care. it's ugly, runs like crap, everything is laid out horribly, etc etc etc. i instantly get annoyed dealing with it.

i have no such negative feelings about the mac platform. none.

i am a lone mac user amongst most of the locals in my town but people that know me and have seen my macs are coming around. once people get past the misconceptions and see what macs can do they almost immediately get sucked in. my nefarious plans are working nicely indeed. :D