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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by ArsDigitalis, Jun 26, 2012.

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    HI, I need some help to make the right choice. I want to get a new MacBook. Specifically the new Air.
    For the last 4 years I've been using a MacBook 4.1 with 4GB RAM.
    I want to buy a basic MBA 13 with 8GB RAM but ...
    Living in Argentina (right now) is a bit complicated. I've been thinking about buying a Mid 2011 MBA here at a reseller but it is quite difficult due to government restrictions.
    I've found several international vendors that sell goods here and here are my options (the MBA 13 Mid 2011 official price in Argentina is well over U$ 2450

    MBA 13 128GB SSD 4GB RAM: Vendor 1) U$ 1535
    Vendor 2) U$ 1699
    Vendor 3) U$ 1899

    MBA 13 128GB SSD 8GB RAM: Vendor 1) N/A
    Vendor 2) U$ 1850
    Vendor 3) U$ 2049

    Obviously Vendor 3) is out of the equation but here is my problem. Worth the money to spend $ 1850 for the 8GB RAM or is it preferable to spend $ 1535 and stick with the 4GB RAM?
    Or I can buy a MBP for the same money (1535) and later upgrade to 8GB RAM but I'm not very comfortable with the 5400 RPM hard disk (how old tech is this one)?

    Main use is we browsing, mail, pages, some keynotes and numbers, Aperture and almost none PS, iTunes, etc.
    Ideas? Recommendations?

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    I'd go with the MBP (it offers more bang for your buck if you don't mind some extra weight) as it is cheaper and has more power and in the meantime you can save some money and later upgrade both the ram and the HDD by either replacing the existing one with a SSD drive or by removing the optical drive and installing there a secondary SDD unit.

    Unless money isn't an issue for you, in that case I'll get the 8GB version just to future proof your computer.
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