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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by eternlgladiator, Feb 6, 2013.

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    I no longer need a laptop since I have a work computer so I'm looking to sell my MBP and get a mini to use a long side my iPad. I'm looking at the refurbs right now and can't decide which model to go with.

    I could get this one with what I think is a faster graphics card and slightly slower processor.


    or this one with a faster processor and slightly worse graphics card.


    A little background. I'm comfortable doing HD and RAM upgrades so that's not really in consideration. I'm just looking at the stuff I can't change.

  2. durruti macrumors regular


    Mar 26, 2004
    I'd get the October 2012 base model with i5, refurb of course.

    2.5GHz Mac mini
    2.5GHz dual-core Intel Core i5
    4GB memory
    500GB hard drive1
    Intel HD Graphics 4000
    OS X Mountain Lion
    In Stock
    Free Shipping

    Video card on the July 2011 compared to the October 2012 Intel HD 4000 graphics are marginalbly similar.

    The July 2011 RAM bus speed is slightly slower than the October 2012. For that reason I'd go for a Oct. 2012 model.
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    All boils down to what you'll be using it for. However, I decided to get the mid level i7 quad core which has the faster processor, but the Intel HD4000 graphics. In my testing the HD4000 GPU has handled everything I've thrown at it from running a Full HD monitor, to plugging it into my HD TV, to hooking up a 2nd monitor.

    I do a lot with video and I felt the quad-core processor would meet my needs better and to some degree with the USB 3.0 sort of future proof me so that I can get a few years out of this thing before needing to worry about replacing it.

    If you like to replace your equipment for the latest and greatest all the time just get the cheaper dual-core and upgrade later. I think spending a couple of hundred now and not having to upgrade for 3 years or so is a better option. Other will feel differently and ultimately the decision is yours.

    I also upgraded my ram to 16GB, got a great deal on Amazon. Plus I move the 1TB hard drive to the upper bay and then installed a 256GB SSD. So I am good to go for the long term. I actually already had the 256GB SSD that I took out of a MacBook Pro.
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    I don't do any gaming but will have it connected to various monitors, mainly my 55" TV so I can use it from the couch. It sounds like the HD 4000 will handle that fine. I do plan to have at least 500GB and 16GB of RAM min so I think the little bit of encoding I do should run just fine. It sounds like a 6630 is more pointed towards a gamer and that the faster processor would actually suit me better?

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