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    Hi guys, am going to college (uk) in September for a levels In further Maths, physics and german and need a new laptop. This will last me for about 6/7 years as will also use it for an engineering degree. I would like something relatively light, but will mainly stay at home. Have been looking at the 13 inch air with i7, retina MacBook pro 13 inch with i7 or retina MacBook pro 15 inch. Have heard that the i7 air gets very hot though so what would anyone recommend? Thanks.
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    first off - the average mac laptop can be expected to last 5 years, assuming it's free of manufacturing deficiencies and its owners take good and loving care of it. As a person who also runs two machines which are more than 10 years old, I'd say there's even a decent chance it will last ten years or more.

    That said, I never recommend anyone to plan their hardware purchases looking forward for a longer term than roughly a tenth of their age... The simple reason is that in all likelihood, your needs will change more than you could reasonably predict.

    Since 2006, when I again started using a mac as my mainstay, my workhorse/battle-axe has changed five times, although I may have had more than my share of career moves and hobby changes. The upside is, that mac hardware (again, given that it is taken good care of) has a resale value far superior to the wintel gear, so if you conclude (in 2-3 years time) that your needs have changed, you will switch machines and be happy with the transaction...

    So my recommendation is simple:
    - get whatever fits your needs as they are NOW.
    - all of the mentioned macs have integrated RAM, so plan ahead and get at least 8 gigs of RAM (16 gigs with the 15" rMBP)
    - Take your current "must have" digital baggage (what bytes you *need* to
    be able to carry inside the laptop - remember that periodically used files should reside in cheap storage on an external drive) and increment it by +30% per year. (This is not as critical, as the blade SSD's can be updated)
    - choose between the retinas: do you need the quad core punch and the discrete GPU? If not, prefer the 13"
    - choose between retina and air: what do you need? more pixels and power (retina) or an easier weight and superior battery (air)

    And if after going through all the rational facts, you still can't choose, go to a shop and fondle the candidates, pick them up, smooch with them, cuddle them ... and pick the one which makes you feel warm and cuddly.


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