Which MacOS for Adobe CS6 AND CC

Dr. McKay

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Jan 20, 2010
Belgium, Europe
I have a friend who has a mid 2012 Macbook Pro running Yosemite. She’s a freelancer and up until now, she has been working for a company that still delivers all their work to her in Indesign CS6 (she only needs Indesign).
However, she now has new work coming in from another company, but the files are in the latest version of Indesign CC.
She has an Indesign CC subscription so she could upgrade to Indesign CC no problem. However, she would also needs to upgrade to Mojave, or maybe High Sierra to be able to use the CC version. Her Mac still supports Mojave, but only just.

My question : what would be the best version of MacOS for her in order to maintain full compatibility with both Indesign CS6 and the latest CC version ?

Thanks !


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Aug 8, 2016
I recommend macOS version 10.12 (Sierra) to run CS6 and CC InDesign in parallel on a MBP 2012. Currently, that is the minimum macOS for running the latest version of CC InDesign. It also has got just a few minor UI glitches when running CS6 InDesign. If subscribing to CC, your friend could even download a slightly upgraded CS6 version compared to the CS6 retail version of 2012. Maybe that'll run even more smooth.