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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Shaun.P, May 6, 2008.

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    It's my 21st birthday a week tomorrow, and with any money I receive, I'm wanting to put it toward extending my setup.

    My setup currently consists of:



    I'm wanting to buy the following:

    An External Monitor,
    Griffin Elevator
    Apple Wired Keyboard
    Apple Wired Mighty Mouse
    DVI to Mini DVI Cable.

    Thing is, I can't pick between 2 monitors.

    LG Flatron L226WTQ or the 20" Apple Cinema Display.

    The LG I can get for £170, and the ACD I can get for £330. A big difference in price.

    The LG monitor gets fantastic reviews no matter where you look, and boasts a high 5000:1 contrast ratio. However, it has no USB hub (which I suppose doesn't bother me too much) and it's made of plastic. I know the LG monitor has a TN panel, but I believe the panel to be superior due to all the reviews I've read. Also, this is a 22" monitor with a 3 year guarantee.


    The 20" Apple Cinema Display looks amazing. It's made of metal (quality is always nice). It also has a USB hub which I more than likely will find useful. However the monitor is nearly twice the price of the LG model, and is only 20 inches - and they have not been updated for quite some time. The monitor comes with a 1 year guarantee, however I have been told that my Apple Care protection plan that I have for my MacBook will cover it.

    The monitor will be used to watching videos and DVDs, playing stupid online games, browsing the internet. No professional uses, except the occasional use of iPhoto (which is far from professional).

    Anyway, I've rambled on long enough. I need help making a choice and I supose I'm a bit worried that if I go with the ACD I'll worry I've spent too much and if I go for the LG I should've spent more and got the ACD.

    What do you think?
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    Jan 11, 2008
    The resolution between the 20" Apple and the 22" LG will be the same. In order to get an increase, you'd have to go to the 23" Apple or a 24" alternative (Dell).

    The differences between the two won't be noted in most reviews, as they compare like to like (TN panel to TN panel for example). The Apple monitor is superior in it's performance over this LG monitor. Now your uses are what matter most. If you intend to do digital graphics where color accuracy is a concern, than the Apple 20" is the way to go, hands down.

    Since you intend to watch movies, play video games, and do general applications, where color accuracy is not a concern, you can indeed save some money and purchase the LG. A USB hub is easy to add separately for much less than the price difference between these monitors. Also, if you ever intend to use it to watch commercial Blu-ray or HD video, the Apple Monitor will not work for this, as it does not have HDCP compliance. The LG is HDCP compliant.

    Another difference to consider, is that the Apple will have better viewing angles than the LG. If you intend to sit directly in front of the monitor when it's in use, or don't mind a bit of artifacts when viewing from less than optimal angles, than this isn't an issue for you.

    Good luck on your choice, and Happy Birthday early! :)
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    You don't need a high-spec'd monitor. The ACD is intended for people who create digital content while those LG displays are more for people who are consummers of digtal content. You are not planning on editing films only watching them, the LG will do better.

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