Which netbook for hackintoch?


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Sep 12, 2009
I waNt to get a hackintoch netbook. With black Friday coming up I am looking for advice on which netbook to buy. I'm a student. I only nee Iit for Internet and word. Any suggestions would be be most appreciated.
Thank you. Tom

Bear Hunter

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Aug 10, 2008


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Apr 29, 2007
Wrong...There are zero issues, sound, sleep, etc all work flawlessly. I have 10.6.1, 100% fully functional on my 10v. There have been major improvements with NBI.

The problems with these kind of reports are people using outdated methods.
Oh, okay - very recently, I have read a few users reporting about issues with the 10v but I've read about (and know!) plenty other users of users who have no problems at all (and I'm sure that you noted that people on that link I posted do fall into the latter camp).


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Jul 7, 2008
Nottingham - UK
Glad someone asked this. I was thinking the other day about getting a cheap netbook/laptop to install OSX on

Is there a Laptop chart that tells you what laptops have everything working on..

Ideally I would like something with a bit bigger screen size, like a 13" one..
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