Which One ? FCE or FCP

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by FistMac, Dec 12, 2009.

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    My is w/ the New IMac 21 inch, 3.06 ghz 4 DDR 3 then and My question is this New IMac gets along with the FCP due it has include the Cinema tools which FCE doesnt have the special tool to work with 24 P ?

    Also what I to need to know the extra external raid G-technology or WD 500GB Firewire 800 .

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    Sep 7, 2008
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    English is not your first language I guess?

    FCP/S and FCE will run fine on current Macs and even older ones, as editing is not that CPU and GPU demanding unless you edit Multi-Camera or with a lot of "superfluous" effects.

    FCE won't edit 24p footage though, you have to use 60i for that.
    FCP will handle 24p.

    And a fast FW800 drive will suffice if you make normal edits and not effects after effect and video track over another video track over another over ....

    A RAID will not be much faster as the maximum transfer speed of FW800 will be reached by normal 7200 RPM drives, which is between 55MB/s and 75MB/s. A RAID will give you faster speeds though, but the FW800 port will severely diminish the writing speeds reached by the RAID
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    Cinema Tools is designed for conforming and logging projects originally shot on film. It includes tools for performing timebase corrections (like say, 24.0 fps film to 29.97 NTSC and vice-versa, etc.). If you're not dealing with film, it's likely you won't even touch Cinema Tools, although the timebase correction tools can sometimes prove useful outside of film.

    You can edit 24p (well, 23.98p, technically for most "24p" cameras) right in FCP. It has presets for most common formats.
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    Aug 27, 2008
    Without starting a new identical thread.. And not meaning to hijack this one.

    Same Question.. My situation - I am wondering if FCE will cater for my needs.

    I am wanting to do some basic editing of HDV footage from my HV40. I would love to learn motion graphics, but I know I need Motion (FCS) or AE... What I would like to do is experiment with color correction. Making the sky a vibrant blue, and the grass a fluro green. Are there plugin/filters for FCE that will do this?

    Am I right in saying, Final Cut Express can also do things like Chroma Key, Masking etc?

    Ive also read conflicting reports about 25P (im in PAL land) Ive read that I can import it as 1080P (50) and it will just take the 25 frames as recorded?
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    Jun 6, 2006
    Yes, Express can do all that. The color corrector is trickier in Express that Pro. It is only a 2-way color corrector in the GUI, but in the non-gui mode ( typing in values ) you can achieve all the same results as Pro can.
    Express doesn't have any of the scopes or analyzers that make all this easy, however. You have to work harder

    If you want to do color correct on the sky, you'll have to learn how to apply constraints based on luma and chroma. This is tricky to get used to, but once you've got it down, you can pull off some really nice stuff.

    Yes FCE has chroma keying and masking. There's a free 50 point garbage matte on the net for free.

    As for filters/plugins... bout 75-80% of Final Cut Pro filters work with express.

    There used to be a side by side technical comparison Apple had up for FCE vs. FCP. Looks like it's gone now.

    There's really only tiny differences between the products simply because they're based off the same source code. Final Cut Express 4 == Final Cut Pro 6 without 24p, smoothcam, multicam, ProRes422, or positional audio, and they have a considerable number of filters missing ( though there are plenty of 3rd party filters to make up from alot of this )

    Does that help?
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    Ok My a seem if this choosen the FCP Program and was wonder the if has to be additional the FW 800 external drive and then when it getting the FCP and wonder loading and which one will save for setup the New Directory folder just straight to FW External drive or the Regular Mac 21 "" behind one of 1 TB Internal storage drive ?
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    Phoenix, AZ
    I'm hoping I understand your question correctly...

    You can tell FCP to use any hard drive you want as a scratch disk in System Settings. When you open FCP for the first time, it will ask you what you'd like to set it to. When you do so, it'll create 3 folders on that drive:

    Audio Render Files (where rendered audio effects go)
    Capture Scratch (where media from Log and Capture and Log and Transfer go)
    Render Files (where rendered video goes)

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