Which one?


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zap2 said:
what is the difference between these VPC



it say VPC with XP home and the other is just XP, so why is one like $80 more?
The cheaper one has no Windows software at all. You have to supply your own WIndows operating system. The more expensive one has Windows XP Home bundled. Read the descriptions.

zap2 said:
thanks( im looking into VPC or aa 20gb HD) if you think i should get one or the other post why. AGian THanks
Whaaat? You're either going to get Windows emulation software or a 20G hard drive -- how the heck are we supposed to advise you on that? It all depends what you need. Do you really need to run Windows programs? If not, don't get VPC.

20 Gb hard drives are no longer manufactured, even in 2.5" laptop drives you're hard pressed to find anything below 40 -- so if you are looking at a 20G, then its going to be old stock or used. You cannot put a second drive in your iMac G5, so you'll be looking at an external Firewire drive between 80 Gb and 200 Gb.

But seriously -- if you don't tell us what you need it for we can't advise you.