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Aug 6, 2017
The new iPad Pros seen appreciating that it can replace a laptop. But I really don't want to go over $2000, that includes all of the software that I'm going to buy and anything else that I need with this new purchase.

The things below are the things that I'm going to do on this device.

- Light to Heavy web browsing
- Photoshop
- Illustrator
- Light 2D/3D rendering (CAD rendering)
- Light architecture programs (Floor plans, or designing houses.)

If I get the iPad Pro, I really do think I would want the 12.9 inch version with at least 256GB of storage.

The MacBooks I do that but their isn't has the same form factor or some of the things that I like about the new iPad Pros. The MacBook 12 inch seems like my almost perfect device, the only problem with that is the screen size and some other minor things about it. The MacBook Pro 13.3 inch without TouchBar is the one to get, if I get that model. I know that it would get me the most bang for my buck if I get a MacBook Pro. But it isn't as slim and light as the MacBook. But I do like the larger trackpad, and the larger screen size that isn't found on the MacBook. The MacBook Air, The only reason why I would get one if I have an iPad Pro and still needed a laptop to use a few times in the week, so that mean I don't need the highest specs possible. But the MacBook Air is outdated, and extremely over price. The prefect device is the MacBook but have a 13.3 inch screen in the same amount of thinnest and lightness as the 12 inch MacBook and have some better specs.

The programs below have what product line is best for the programs in (). The programs are between the iPad Pro and the MacBook lineup.

- Light to Heavy web browsing (Tie)
- Photoshop (Tie)
- Illustrator (MacBook)
- Light 2D/3D rendering (CAD rendering) (Macbook)
- Light architecture programs (Floor plans, or designing houses.) (Tie)

And I would pay about $75 to get every app that I need on the iPad and $140-ish on the MacBooks.

I really do like the idea of having a touch screen and using the Apple Pencil at the same time while using Affinity Photo, architecture, and web browsing. On the MacBook, I really do like the Backlit Keyboard while the Apple Keyboard for the iPad Pros does not. And I really do not like other Keyboards cases for the iPad Pros that is available. Architecture apps like making floor plans, I really do like to use the touch screen with the Apple Pencil.

But at the same if I get a MacBook and I decide that I need an iPad, I can just get an iPad Pro with 64GB of storage of I really want an iPad. Plus I can do like the other way around.

On the MacBook, I feel like 8GB of memory is enough, with 256GB SSD of storage and the base line processor. So in the MacBook case, I can get everything for $1299. But in order to get 512GB of on the MacBook, I would have to pay $1599 to get double the storage, and have an i5 processor. While the MacBook Pro 13 inch nonTB 256GB is $1,499.

I don't know what device to get, I would want to have the iPad Pro's form factor, while having professional apps that is found on MacBooks, and have other things like a Backlit Keyboard, be able to use the port to import photos or files by an External Hard Drive if needed, and be the most useful for the things that I'm doing to do. With this device, I would want it to last me for the rest of high school (2 years) and collage (4 years) so at least 6 years.

The main reason why I'm don't want an iPad Pro is because their is a real Illustrator app like Adobe Illustrator. I know that Affinity is making Affinity Designer for the iPads, which is an Illustrator product. And their is many other apps that are like Illustrator, but I don't feel it is as furure proof as a real Illustrator app they is found on the MacBooks.

What product is best for me? And what product do you use on a daily basis? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Feb 20, 2009
I just can't envision doing the things you mentioned above on an iPad, particularly since it doesn't have the Mac's filing system.

I'd get "a real Mac".
But that's my opinion only.
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Jan 23, 2017
In my personal opinion, the best product for you is the MacBook Pro nTB.
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Mar 3, 2010
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Agree with @Fishrrman above. I'm writing this on my iPad Air, which is light and convenient for web browsing, emails, viewing photos, etc.. I would not count on it (even the pro) for a lot of heavier lifting.

IMHO the MBP with min 256 GB SSD will serve you much better, allow room to grow, and the 13" is not that much bigger than the 12.9" iPad Pro.

I tend to invest heavily upfront in purchases and hold onto them for a long time. Just recently went from the iPhone5 to the 7, still have the 2010 iMac, and just traded in my 2007 Toyota Highlander with 156k miles on it.

Good luck.
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