Which phone should I get?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by combataran, Aug 24, 2011.

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    May 9, 2011
    College is starting in January, and by that time my phone should be around 4-5 years old. It's a Sony K800i, served me well all these years, but I think it's time to look for a replacement. From a full bar to empty in less than 4 hours, I don't think I can take anymore of this.

    Som I've been thinking. Since I got the money, why don't I get the iPhone 4(it used to appear in my dreams:D). But, hey isn't the iPhone 5(?) coming out soon?

    Then I figured I could save some cash by getting the 3GS, but with all the iOS updates lately, I don't think the hardware could catch up with the software.

    Okay then, how about a cheap phone instead? Surely I don't NEED an iPhone for college, it's just an issue of WANT or NEED. The Nokia C3-00 pops up in my head(Google it for those who have no idea what that is).

    4 phones, a fistfull of cash. Which one to choose?

    *bangs head repeatedly on wall* :D
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    Aug 13, 2011
    Okay, forget the 3GS, an old phone and quite soon, support will be dropped by iOS 6, most likely (it makes sense to be honest).

    The iPhone 4...there's nothing wrong with it, but with a new model coming out soon, only go for it if you can get it at a great price and are willing to have something "old".

    The Nokia...another one I'd avoid. Symbian isn't great, and it'll be dropped by Nokia virtually immediately, as you might already know.

    Stick with Android and iOS. Both greatly supported and popular.

    A sidenote, the ZTE Skate (if available where you live) is the Android bargain of the century. If you want a very good smartphone for very little money, it's your best choice. Sure, not on the level of the iPhone 4, SGS2, HTC Sensation/Evo 3D etc, but you won't really feel like you're loosing anything.
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    If you are looking for a good phone but don't want to spend a lot consider the iPhone 4. When the iPhone comes out the iPhone 4 will be selling for much less. For example, I got my first smart phone, an iPhone 3GS earlier this year for only $49. I could have gotten the iPhone 4 for $199 at the time but the differences were insignificant for my personal use and money is tight these days. So if you are happy with the features of the iPhone 4 then when it officially becomes 'last years' model it will be a bargain.
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    well what specifically are you getting the phone for?

    If i were you the whole new blackberry line came out and they are very appealing especially with having touch screens on every model.

    Since you are going to be a social (i hope) college student, you will be able to communicate with more people quicker with the blackberry and the keyboard faster than any touchscreen phone, just read some of the reviews on the bb bolds new keyboard.

    Also BBM is a cult and many friends will undoubtedly have it in college
  5. MacHamster68, Aug 24, 2011
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    i would not spend a penny on a iPhone 4, it cant do more then all the other smartphones but cost double the money , neither would i want to be trapped in a contract ,and in a couple weeks/ month its outdated anyway with the iphone5 coming soon

    i bought brandnew without contract a HTC widlfire running froyo for £100 , it does surfing , emailing , youtube , watching online TV too even office and another as of july July 2011 250,000 android apps and the cheapest iPhone4 which really cant do more costs £510 without contract , and lacks a changeable battery (always handy to have a spare one charged up ) and i dont like to have my data direct on the phone, i fancy to have sd cards
    just advice if you dont swim in money look for a android phone , after all its just a phone you want , so better spend your savings over a iPhone 4 towards something you really need

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