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    I had an iphone 3g for a few years that was recently stolen and I am considering whether to replace it with an iphone or an android phone.
    What peeves me about the iphone is that my 3g was abandoned by apple as the ios was upgraded and I was unable to do many of the things that people with iphones 4 can do.
    I'm afraid that the same thing will happen to the iphone 4 after the iphone 5 comes out, and I am not interested in having to upgrade my phone every year to be able to use the latest features of the os.
    I have friends who use an htc desire hd and they are telling me that it is a better phone and has fewer limitations than the iphone, including being able to view websites using Flash.
    I am not a heavy phone user in any case, so I would always get a pay as you go model.
    I would appreciate some advice about which phone to get next.
    Any opinions on the relative features and capabilities of the two phones would be welcome.
    The iphone 5 doesn't look like it will be out anytime soon, and I need to replace my stolen phone fairly soon, so would it be a good or bad idea to purchase an iphone 4 at this time? I would not like to find that the iphone 5 comes out soon after and the os progresses and the version 4 phones start to decrease in functionality.
    Thanks for any advice.
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    A new phone (iPhone 5) wouldn't have much appeal if it didn't advance the user experience now would it? If every previous phone could do what the new phones do, then why ever have a new model?

    The iPhone 5 will likely be out by the end of October, and the iPhone 4 will likely not be orphaned for a while

    But honestly, from what you have said... buy an Android
    You aren't going to be happy using an iPhone anyway in my opinion

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