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    Hello all, I hope that this is not some rediculous question that has been posted here or eldewhere many times before. I did a forum search but did not find any answeres. I am completely new to mac (I used to use an apple IIe to play lemonade stand) but am a new convert. I am going to buy a new Mac Book Pro 1.83 (as soon as an apple store near me calls me) and want to upgrade the RAM. I will be using the book to run Office until they make a Universal, and for srufing, light photo work, and games. I was wondering if I should buy a 1gb stick or a 512gb stick. The reason I ask is that I have heard that having 2 sticks of the same general type (512 x 2 ) may be more benificial than have unpaired sticks. Any suggestions or cxomments. I really appreciate any advice. Cant wait to get my new Mac Book (seriously my girlfriend thinks Im obsessed, I call every Apple Store in Chicago Every Day).
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    Although the MacBook Pro does support Dual Channel RAM, which results in marginally faster overall performance when you install matched pairs of memory, it is not a reason to buy less RAM. 1.5 Gb of unmatched RAM trumps 1.0 Gb matched. Get the 1 gb module. If you are concerned about speed, then go all the way to 2 Gb with 2 x 1 Gb modules matched... Rosetta is hungry, and a total RAM of 1 Gb is probably not enough. The RAM is DDR2-667 SODIMMs.

    Search the forums, and you'll find many discussions along these lines, and recommendations of good vendors. Choose a reputable seller who tests and guarantees compatibility with your model Mac, offers a lifetime warranty and a no-cost return if it doesn't work.

    Also you'll find the specifications of the MacBook Pro and its RAM in the MacRumors Guides.

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    Office running under Rosetta + gaming = MAX DA RAM :)

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