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Jul 23, 2006
I'm a little bewildered by all the choices of remote desktop apps for iPad. I definitely don't need a lot of functionality. On my iMac, I want to remotely post entries into Quicken accounts and update simple Excel spreadsheets and that's about it. Any recommendations would be most welcome.


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Dec 15, 2013
I use TeamViewer as well and I LOVE IT! It works very very well and there is even a support app for iOS out now for it where you can remotely do some basic troubleshooting and whatnot on an iOS device. Although it does not mirror the screen obviously.


Aug 4, 2011
I found logmein works best... but I'm grandfathered into a free account.
If I had to pay, would probably suffer the quirkiness of teamviewer. Though it's been awhile, it might have cleaned up.


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Feb 14, 2003
SF Bay area
I've used Splashtop streamer just enough to try it out. It works very well, but for my needs the internet lag was a little great at the time I tried it. One of the issues I have with any of these apps is that the iPad screen is much smaller than the Mac screen requiring a lot of pan and zoom to navigate. I'm hoping that the rumored iPad Pro will solve this problem for me.

One nice feature of Splashtop (which I haven't tried out yet) is that they have a virtual desktop so that no one can observe what you are doing on the Mac. It may be that you can even leave the Mac monitor sleeping. If Teamviewer has something like that it would like to try it out.


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Jul 31, 2013
Use both LogMeIn & TeamViewer. Still have a LogMeIn free account and find that best on iOS but i wouldnt want to pay what they want now. TeamViewer is more than acceptable option as well.
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