Which retina MBP I should get? Need your help.

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by dragondragon, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. dragondragon macrumors newbie

    Jul 10, 2013
    2 choices

    1. Rmbp 15"
    2.6, i7, 8GB, 512SSD,
    New, opened box
    Come with parallel windows 7
    Limited apple warranty until 6/3/2014
    Price: $2030

    2. Rmbp 15"
    2.6, i7, 8GB, 512SSD
    used, 57 battery cycles, like new condition
    Limited apple warranty until 9/15/2013
    Price: $1900

    Which one i should get? It's going to be my first macbook!
  2. redsoxaa macrumors member

    Jul 10, 2013
    Does the second option come from a trusted source?
  3. Pharmscott macrumors 6502a


    Dec 13, 2011
    Sacramento, CA
    If you mean the first one comes with Parallels and Windows 7, then that's a nice deal. But only if you'd actually use Windows. If it's just Parallels 7, it's not worth it since it's less than $40 to buy your own.

    Otherwise, I'd get the cheaper one.
  4. xnatex macrumors member

    Nov 19, 2012
    If it were me, I'd spend the extra $130 for 9 more months of warranty, but I'm also a little overprotective. For what it's worth, I've never needed to do any warranty work with my 2009 MBP (besides a power cord).

    I also have two questions about the first one. Do you actually get the license for Parallels or is it technically illegal? Also, does the "parallel windows 7" mean that it comes with a Windows 7 license?

    If both questions are yes, then you get $170 (assuming home edition) of software for $130.

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