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    Another day, another HomeKit question...

    I have a Hue light in my room. My daughter has one in her room. I've set them up so they are in different rooms in the Hue app. But when either my daughter or I say, "Hey Siri, turn off my lights," the lights in both rooms turn off.

    Is there a way for Siri to understand that my lights are in my room, and my daughter's lights are in her room? I know I could say, "Turn off the lights in Goat's bedroom," but that seems cumbersome. Especially since my wife is not a Goat.
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    You can run some tests with room names - For example, I have "bedroom" as a room in Homekit. I can tell Siri "Set the bedroom lights to 100%" of course, but I can also say "Set bedroom's lights to 100%" and that seems to work too.

    It's all trial and error with this stuff, but you could try using your daughter's name as her room name. Then, she can try telling Siri "Turn Goat's lights off" and see if it works.
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    Change the room name to the persons name or something that is more natural and less awkward for you to say. Be specific with the room and smart device.

    My bedroom is "bedroom". My guest bedroom is "guest bedroom". Guest bathroom I named "Powder Room", its not but it rolls off the tongue and I just call my master bathroom "bathroom". You could even name the room your daughters name or something specific about the room "Turn on Sally's lights", "Turn on the carnival lights" (clearly I don't have kids but you get the point). If there is only one device you can just say "turn on the bedroom".

    Imagine you are talking to a person that is trying to troll you by doing EXACTLY what you say or someone that isn't there. "Turn on the lights" = them running around the house turning on lights. So be somewhat specific.
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    if you have a HomePod, it knows what room it's in

    to a HomePod...
    "turn off the lights" - only affects the room the homepod is assigned to
    "turn off all the lights" - turns off everything in the house.

    but when talking to a phone/watch, both phrases turn off the entire house

    (i have to check the aTV, but i'm guessing it would be like the HomePod)

    I think as others have said is to name the rooms and then specifically ask for them
    "turn off the master bedroom" or "turn off sally's bedroom"

    Not sure if this would work, but...
    If you had 2 different Hue hubs, you might be able to create 2 "houses" and put your lights in one, and your daughter's in the other, and then share the houses with each other
    I haven't really played around with having my house and a shared house though.

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