which setup should I do?


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Nov 26, 2011
Hello I have a white macbook made built before 2008 and I wanted to connect it to my hdtv. I have read around and some people are saying the following

First option: Mini dvi to vga then vga to hdmi then hdmi cable to tv
second option: mini dvi to hdmi then hdmi cable to tv

both option running 3.5mm plugs for audio

Im a bit confused. help would be greatly appreciated!


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Mar 20, 2006
Washington State
The first choice will not work. The second is your only viable option.


And just a note for life:

The simplest option is usually the best/most trouble-free.


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Jan 20, 2010
o ok. just wondering why would it not work?
VGA is analog video, HDMI is digital. DVI carries both a digital and analog video signals, so it adapts to VGA just fine. DVI and HDMI are identical pin for pin for video, so there's not even any kind of conversion going on.

Analog video requires active conversion to digital video and vice versa, and results in a relatively significant loss of video quality.

When converting from one kind of connection to another, the best rule is the fewest connections possible. So, if you can go from DVI to HDMI, why would you want to throw VGA into the mix?
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