Which Smart for durability: Poly or Leather

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by roland.g, Mar 16, 2011.

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    Now that people have had them in their hands for a few days, I wanted to hear some opinions on which Smart Cover will hold up better over time.

    I had heard/read that the Leather ones are scuffing easily, and that the Poly may be the way to go while some other reports were that the Poly just felt cheap.

    Anyone with either cover type care to sound of on what they think of the material and how it will do in the long run.

    I tried doing a search on this but didn't find any threads that really covered the quality/durability. Sorry if this is redundant. If so kindly point my in the right direction.

    I bought a Grey Poly but only rec'd the iPad today and Cover yesterday and have yet to open the Cover. I am thinking of returning it and getting a Black Leather.

    BTW, I also got a BSE - Bestskinsever - which are inexpensive and in my opinion and experience the best skins out there over Zagg, BodyGuardz, and the others. I have to put it on tomorrow, but I highly recommend them. I had one on my original iPad and sold it in perfect condition.

    For those interested in bags too, I have an STM Jacket that I ordered from Radtech, but a few places online carry them, and I used it with my iPad 1. It is a sweet little case, with a zippered main pouch and side pouch (fits an iPhone or charger block and cable) and a side sleeve pouch for papers/boarding passes etc. It has a handle and detachable strap and other than that is totally minimalist. It also fits the iPad in a case, as in with smart cover or the like. I had my iPad 1 in it inside of the Apple Case no problem. Yet it is not a netbook case, it is designed for the iPad. Just FYI.

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    I have the navy blue leather smart cover and it has a slight texture to it so any scuffs are harder to see than if it were plain like poly.

    It seems to be very well made, no complaints. It actually matches quite nice with the black iPad and looks like a graphite color case in most light.

    I'm glad I got the navy over the black and the leather over the poly.

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