which smartphone/PDA... XDA??!whatwasthat?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by cb911, Mar 24, 2007.

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    okay all,

    i'm in the market for a new phone. or at least some device that will let me make phone calls as well as other stuff.

    i've been a regular mobile phone user, but now i'm looking for something with a bit more... now one of the things i'd like to be able to do is use a PC app on this mobile device. (i've heard from a friend that they have a PDA or soemthing that does this, i must still find out what exactly he's got... but only a device running Windows Mobile will do this, right?) it would also be a bonus to be able to view PDF's, if not being able to run PC apps. I believe a phone like the Sony Ericsson M600i does this.

    i also don't want somethign that's too big, or necessarily with a full QWERTY keyboard. i did happen accross the Samsung SGH-X820, which is the worlds thinnest phone, but i don't know if its in Australia yet?

    well i'm kinda seeking guidance on the whole smartphone/PDA/XDA thing (what's the difference between a PDA & XDA??) are there any other features that i should be aware of, that i would want down the track, and also which phones/brands would you go with, from an ease of use & features point of view?

    i also posted it here, because it's not really Apple-related, so not really a section for it...

    and this is of course just to hold me over until iPhone makes it to Aus. :D
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    Oct 25, 2003
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    An XDA as far as I know is O2's name for a PDA. So they're the same.

    As far as a phone goes... Hmm.. PDF reading.. small.. I would suggest a Nokia N73, E65, E50, and if you don't want a camera, E60.
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    BrisVegas, Australia
    okay, i get the XDA thing now.

    i just went to the shop, and checked about running PC apps... so you need a phone/PDA that runs Windows Mobile to be able to run apps. then it's pretty much a mobile computer...

    looks like i'm going to go for the iMate JasJam, as it's known in Australia, otherwise known as Hermes.
    So it's basically the same hardware, re-branded and re-named for the different carriers... so you've got iMate, Dopod, O2 all using the same handset with different loaded software bundles? no wonder i got confused...

    the only thing i'm concerned about is the sliding keyboard, and if it would become really really loose with continued use. i'll keep reading reviews to see what they say about this.

    thanks for the other tips also! :)

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