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Dec 16, 2013

I have a macbook pro mid 2009 15" with the original hdd (an itachi one) and i would like to remplace it with an brand new ssd.
I need your expertise ;)

This ssd shoudn't low the battery life of my mac (however 30mns-1 hour less of battery isn't an issue), shoudn't rise the global temperature, it should be compatible with the trim command under snow leopard and preferably with 250 gb of memory.

After doing a lot of research, i have come with a few names but i don't know which one i should take.

1)Crucial m4: this one looks perfect but i can't find it anymore in france stores...
2)The samsung 840 pro seems very nice but i have read some posts of users complaining that with an macbook pro mid 2009 there are some issues with the trim command (complete drive failure)
3)Crucial m500: is the consumption of this drive reasonable? And the temperature?
4)Well any suggestions you might have?

And the most important do you have an 2009 mid mac book pro with an SSD, and if yes which one and is it working well?

Thanks in advance for your answer!


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Nov 24, 2008
I was researching a drive for my buddie's late 2008 mbp, and I'm gonna go with either the Samsung 840 (not pro) or Crucial m500. They're both around $150 (~256 GB). I'd just check to make sure the latest firmware is installed on the drives.

As far as performance, they're neck and neck, unless you're a benchmark warrior - which in that case, I'd recommend tossing the entire notebook.


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Feb 16, 2009
The 840 Evo has the best reviews all around. Santa is bringing me (himself?) one.
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