Which SSD to buy for new Macbook Pro

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by me262, Jun 9, 2009.

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    Im about to go out and buy a maxed out macbook pro 15 inch and already know that the 256gb toshiba solid state drive that apple ships with there mac isnt the best. So my question is which of these three third-party SSD is the best.
    OCZ Summit Series 250Gb SSD
    Read speed 220mb/s
    Write speed 200mb/s
    128mb of onboard cache
    Price $900

    OCZ Vertex Series 250Gb SSD
    Read Speeds 260mb/s
    Write Speeds 160mb/s
    64mb of onboard cache
    Price $750

    Intel x25-m 160Gb SSD
    Read Speeds 250mb/s
    Write Speed 70Mb/s
    No onboard cache
    Price $619
    No matter what i plan to buy between 2 and 4 Tb of firewire 800 storage, However i need room for windows 7 in boot camp, plus i run FCP and Logic Pro, and auto cad which takes up allot of room (yes i know to install my loops and scratch disks onto the external drive)

    The reviews i have read give very mixed views on the three drives above. It is known that the intel is the best, however its a little small for my needs, but if it truly performs significantly better than either of the above OCZ drives then I will go intel.

    Between the OCZ drives i have not found any reviews that Pit the Summit with 128mb of cache versus the vertex with 64mb of cache.

    So my question simple and sweet is: I want the drive that will perform the best (i cant stand lock ups) and has the most space. Which of the above do you guys suggest, thank you for reading.
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