Which time capsule generation is better?

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    I am considering a Time Capsule. I am currently using a linksys e1000 and I'm not thrilled with its range. I have heard the time capsule has great range and the benefit of the external drive is great; as opposed to just getting an Airport Extreme Base Station (am I correct in that choice?).

    The apple store has refurbished previous generation, 1TB for $179 vs refurbished current generation, 1TB for $219. Why should I pay the extra 40 bucks? Are they more stable? Better signal? Thanks.
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    EDIT: Wikipedia reports

    Disregard this bit:

    The main difference is simultaneous dual band. You can basically run both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz devices at the same time.

    EDIT: Sorry I'm wrong. Both versions available in the refurb store offer that.

    The main thing to know about Time Capsule vs. Airport Extreme is that the internal power supply and hard drive in the TC have been linked to early demise of early revs of this product. If it has been fixed or not remains to be seen as the early ones had a ~18 month lifetime.


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