Which Uber app to get?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by hajime, Sep 5, 2016.

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    Hello, a friend suggested me to use Uber to find taxi nearby. From the App Store, I found "Uber by Uber Technologies. Inc." and "GO: Discount for new UBER riders by Bryan Farris". Which one should I get? I am not sure but it seems that the first one may be the officer one and the second app may be from somebody who might not be affiliated with the company?
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    Get the official one; it seems you know which this is.
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    In general, _always_ the get the official app for services that require authentication, otherwise, you're passing that data through who knows where.
  4. hajime, Sep 5, 2016
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    Thanks all for the reply.

    Upon installation of the app, it asked for my first name and last name. Do I have to use the real name? I am a bit hesitated to give out the info to unknown taxi drivers.

    From iTunes Preview, I read some Customer Reviews and tried the $20 coupon codes. The first one "UberNSJ72" is not valid but the second one "UberBEN44" works. Then, a screen shows up on my iPhone saying that I get $20 off in the first ride with Benjamin's promotion. Then, it asks for some kind of credit card information or PayPal.

    I don't know where the money from Benjamin's promotion came from. Not sure if it is from Uber Technologies, Inc. or some user. If I enter my credit card number, will the one who offered the promotion code get access to my credit card information? Do I have to worry about it?

    Besides Paypal and credit card, can I pay using iTunes card? Anybody succeed in doing that?

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