Which video editor is for me?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Taustin Powers, Jun 5, 2019.

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    My use case is not super professional. I want to take an existing film, cut it up into scenes, rearrange them, maybe do some of them in slow-mo or reverse etc. Maybe insert images or captions as well. Doesn't need to be 4k.

    Also, I want to use a mic / audio interface to record audio onto the film, would probably need a handful of audio tracks.

    I don't mind spending some money, but I don't want a subscription like Adobe. Less than $100 would be ideal.

    Computer would be a 2018 i7 Mac Mini, 32 Gigs of RAM.

    I see there are many options out there (FCP, iMovie, Lightworks, FXHome, Shotcut, Openshot, etc.), but I simply do not have the time to install and get familiar with all of them. If someone can guide me to the easiest to use that can accomplish the above, I would be very grateful! :)

    EDIT: Just there is an Adobe Premiere Elements 2019 version I can buy. Would that fulfill my needs, or is it too "light"?
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    I also recommend iMovie. It does nearly everything you've noted as a requirement, and it's somewhat seamless to move from there to FCPX if you find you need more capabilities.

    DaVinci Resolve is free (that is, there is a very full-featured free version), but it's a pretty steep leaning curve. DaVinci does have a series of 25-30 min tutorial videos available on their web site.
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    Definitely start out with iMovie. It's great for starting out, and I still use the current version for basic projects like vlogs, simple cuts and edits to widescreen video, and such. I'm just not that keen how it has to output everything as 16:9, but since most videos I edit on iMovie are 16:9 it's not that big a deal. Anything else elaborate (including my YouTube Poops), I use Final Cut Pro X.

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