Which wacom drawing tablet for iPhone graphics

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by 1458279, Aug 18, 2011.

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    May 1, 2010
    I've done my own business graphics for years and never used a tablet. The work before was smaller single page stuff.

    Now I want to do everything from icons, characters, backgrounds, etc. I'm looking a the Wacom tabs but don't have a clue which would be best.

    Most of the work would be what you would expect to see in a high end app like Infinity Blade.

    I'd like the option to use the same tablet later as the grapics get more intense / detailed.

    Also, I'm thinking of PixelMator as the program to use. Cost is an issue, but I don't want a toy that's not going to get the job done.
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    Jan 26, 2008
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    Any of the wacoms will do what you need, but it depends on how efficiently you want to work.

    You said cost is an issue, so I assume Cintiq's are out of the picture.

    If you want the maximum efficiency, go with one of the Intuos 4s. The reason I say this is the buttons on the tablet are a godsend. You can work much easier by keeping your hands on the tablet instead of having to switch between tablet, keyboard, and mouse.

    I myself have the Intuos 4 wireless. I adore it and out of all the Wacoms I've owned, its my favorite.

    Oh, one more thing. They DO have a learning curve. You will probably hate it at first like most people do. Stick with it and it will quickly become indespensible. Also make sure you configure it for your programs. Its a very important step for maximum productivity.

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