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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by JeremyLangford, Jan 4, 2011.

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    Jan 31, 2010
    I have been looking at different website hosts, trying to decide which one to use. I plan on buying a .net domain sometime soon to host a simple photography website for viewing my photos. I don't plan to sell anything or offer any services at all. After looking, iPage is one of the cheapest I've found at $4.50 a month with a free domain and unlimited bandwith/diskspace/emails/domains/subdomains.

    Also, their website says that the normal charge for registering a domain is 12.99 per year and that the normal charge for subdomains is 5.00 a month for 5 subdomains ($12.00 a year per subdomain). Are these good prices for domain/subdomain registration? I don't really think I'll be needing any subdomains for a simple photography website anyways but i could eventually want another domain name. I think I could host an additional domain name with my first iPage account but i guess it won't be free unless I buy an additional hosting package for it.
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    If you're looking to host photos, why doesn't something like Flickr (free) or Smugmug (paid) work for you?
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    I use Flickr right now but I want to have my own personal website too.
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    The domain name price is within reason, though it is a bit on the expensive side. I wouldn't trust anyone that tries to charge for a subdomain, especially at a monthly cost. My last host my current one never did this, and I'm pretty sure no one else does either.

    I would shop around a little more first and go with a more reputable source.
    Search a bit on here too, I asked this very same question about a year back


    I know there are other threads too.

    If it helps, I really like my host, Site5. Great uptime, cheap, excellent support.
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    I'd suggest using web hosting buzz. They have pretty good pricing and you can always find a coupon online if you do a google price to get a nice discount. I've been using them for years with no problems with multiple domains.
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    Be careful of those hosting companies that offer cheap hosting with a free domain. After you sign up, you'll find that the charges are much higher than advertised. I have always been happy with GoDaddy. You can purchase the domain and set up the hosting very easily. Since you don't need anything special, hosting is very cheap with Godaddy. And if you ever switch hosting companies, you still own the domain and can point it somewhere else.
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    Yea, be careful of false advertisement. I have been using fatcow for a year, I like their service and their support is the best. However, when my renewal was up, they raised the price $30 without any explanation to $115 per year. I will see what happens next year. I like their service, but if they raise the price again, I will have to go elsewhere.
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    I have been using pair.com for close to 12 years. They are certainly not the cheapest, but are not very expensive either. I have never had a problem with them in all that time. Very easy to navigate their site. They also have a top notch tech support team should you require it.
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    +1 for GoDaddy. Since I purchased the domain through them, basic hosting was included.
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    Did you find a solution? You could do something like this for free on Tumblr with the right theme.

    If you decide to go the paid route, however, I'd recommend Dreamhost. I've been with them for nine years and they have always been quick, courteous and helpful whenever I've had an issue or question of any kind. Never gouged me. They have all the usual "unlimited" stuff and a great control panel with ONE-CLICK WordPress installation.

    Jake :D

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