Which (Windows) drive letter is my DVD-drive?

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by macstatic, Aug 19, 2014.

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    I'm trying to run a Windows utility (using Wineskin) and am asked for the drive letter of my optical Superdrive in my Macbook Pro, but no matter which letter I try (A, B, C, D, E .....) I'm not getting anywhere.
    So are drives routed differently under an emulator and do I have to configure something in Wineskin first, or does such a tool simply not work properly when it doesn't utilize regular PC hardware?
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    I couldn't find any wine.cfg (or wineskin.cfg for that matter) neither in the ~/Application Support/Wineskin/ nor /Applications/Wineskin/ folders.

    I see the posting refers to someone using the Linux version of Wine, so perhaps it doesn't apply to the OSX version.
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    I had a closer look at things: the Windows utility I'm running comes twofold as a .BAT (batch) and an .EXE (executable) file. I'm certainly no expert in Windows, but the .BAT file seems to be a simple text file which passes on instructions to the .EXE file. It looks like this:

    @echo off
    echo Windows dumper for Matshita DVD drives V1.01 by ala42, based on ben11's dump_matshita
    set /p l="Enter the drive letter of the Matshita drive to backup the firmware: " 
    if "%l%" == "" goto :loop
    echo You have selected the source drive %l%
    set l=%l:~0,1%:
    dump_matshita %l%
    So, noticing that my Mac won't even notice the optical drive without any media in it I suppose the first step is to insert a DVD or CD (with data on it) so I can locate a path with a name on it (e.g. /Volumes/Backup_2007/).
    Having a path available, could I edit the above .BAT file for this specific CD/DVD media so the .EXE utility will see the drive?
    If so, where do I insert it and what is the correct syntax?

    EDIT: Much to my surprise I found out that Wineskin does indeed show a drive letter for all my drives including the optical drive (as long as a CD or DVD is inserted)! In Wineskin's "Advanced" section there's a "Tools" tab where I select "Config utility (winecfg)", and when opened I press the "Drives" tab which shows the optical drive as "D:". I thought this would help, but when I run the utility and enter the drive letter (I tried both "D", "D:", "d" and "d:") but got the following error message:

    ERROR: failed to open device \\.\D:

    So it looks like it still doesn't find the correct path.
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    You tried this


    already ?

    The correct path might be under the /Volumes Folder. Also W7 gives you no drive letter if no DVD or CD is inserted.
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    Yes, I tried it but it still didn't work.
    I read somewhere else that in Wine although you can access the stuff on a DVD or CD you can't get to the drive itself. In other words you can't reach the firmware, so I'm looking into other solutions.

    Fortunately I just learnt that you can (completely legally) install a 30 day trial of Windows 7, so I'm in the process of trying that out on my Mac.

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