Which Windows Xp? Or Vista?

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by mddharma, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. mddharma macrumors regular

    Jul 21, 2005
    Hagerstown, Md
    I am going to load parrell on my Imac core 2 duo and I have 2 Gbs of memory. The only thing I need presently to run with windows is a contact program called ACT. So, my question do I just get Xp (as I keep thinking Vista will be buggy for a long time) and I don't want to use windows for anything else. Or... if XP is more stable at this time which version do I really need home or professional. Who can help?

    Thanks in advance!:)

    One last thing, I do think I will network that database to one other computer in the future
  2. psychofreak Retired


    May 16, 2006
    Vista is no good with parallels, but good with boot camp...
    If you're gonna be using it much, vista has a nicer UI but is a bit messy, and takes up a load of HD space...
  3. Teh Don Ditty macrumors G4

    Teh Don Ditty

    Jan 15, 2007
    Stick with XP b/c it's not as demanding on the computer as Vista is.
  4. killr_b macrumors 6502a


    Oct 21, 2005
    I'd recommend XP because it's been out for so long. It's probably more stable and support for it will continue for years.
  5. tipdrill407 macrumors 6502

    May 26, 2006
    Stick with XP, cuz Vista is too hardware demanding, the GUI with it's over abundance of transparencies is too cheap looking and annoying, takes up less hard drive space, and genearlly speaking, doing simple tasks in Xp takes less steps than it does in Vista. IMO Vista is definitely a step backwards in usability.

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