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Dec 29, 2014
The Netherlands
Dear all,

What would be the best wireless charging pad for the new iPhones. I saw the Belkin BoostUp pads, they seem to be realiable and receiving good reviews. One has 7,5 and the other one 10 Watts.

As the iPhones only charge with 7,5 Watts it wouldn‘t make sense to buy the bigger one? Or will Apple increase the amounts of Watts soon to 10 and the more expensive pad would be future proof?

Or is there a better charger you can recommend? Many thanks from Europe.


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Jul 16, 2010
I bought the circular version of the RAVPower one ( for my XS, and am surprised to see how precisely I have to place the phone on it for it to charge. For instance, if the pad is just a little bit below the middle of the phone, it won't charge. Anyone else find this? Is it just a factor of the smaller size of the pad itself?


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Sep 30, 2003
I really enjoy the 10W Belkin Boost Up Bold, and the black is usually on sale at Amazon


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Jul 19, 2007
Monoprice has some solid ones for a great price. I have the flat ones and the stand up ones, both work flawlessly and can do up to 10w. About $15 a piece.
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