Which workout app setting for interval training?

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by firewood, May 19, 2015.

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    A question for the runners and fitness types who have their Apple Watch already: What Workout app setting do you use or find best for interval training? (when alternating fast running and slow walking, for instance) Running (outdoor, indoors), Walking, or Other?

    I could use another iPhone or Watch app with a chest strap heart rate monitor, but I rather just use the Apple Watch if possible. It seems accurate enough at heart rate measurement, maybe about 6 seconds behind and 1 beat different from the best chest strap HRM I've used.
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    You should just try different things. Though in my experience, you might need to try one setting more than once.

    I use the Nike+ GPS running app for all my runs (treadmill and outdoor).

    I use "Other" on the Apple fitness app for literally everything else with good results. But YMMV depending on what your trying to track.

    For example, I use "other" for my pre-run warm up. Which is 5 min of stretching including dynamic stretch and 5 min of walking. Total 10 min. Total calories seem within reason from other measures (chest strap, treadmill monitor, web site calculations, etc).

    I also use "Other" for my entire non-run gym days. This includes the warm up mentioned above + 15-20 min walking on treadmill with hills, + 15-30 min weight lifting. Again, total calories seems with in reason.

    If your more interested in distance/steps/etc....you will just have to try it.

    I had less luck using "indoor walk" but, honestly I didn't stick with it long. Other does the trick for me....I feel.

    So to answer your question, if you do a variety of things and don't want to pick multiple workouts, try "other" for your entire workout. If you do a lot of running (even HIIT) you might pick running for that time.
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