Which Xbox 360? (continued)

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by itsme92, Apr 17, 2007.

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    Well, last night I guess the entire Gaming forum got archived, and my post went with it. Seeing as the Console Gaming forum doesn't open till May, I think I'll just re-post my last question here

    First off, though, this is the link to the first thread: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=296947

    And, now, I'm going to ask you some questions (unanswered ones from last time)

    Will the Xbox 360 with HD DVD drive have better quality than my current circa-2001 Sony Progressive-scan DVD player hooked up over component for DVD's? Basically, should I hold on to my DVD player or will it be unneeded?

    Also, I don't have a 1080p TV right now, I'm using a 32" square CRT HD-ready one I got 5+ years ago. Does anybody reccomend any TV's that are:
    less than 40" wide (to fit into my TV cabinet)
    I've currently looked at and like the Samsung LN-S4096D. I think new Samsungs have come out, but I don't think they will fit in my TV cabinet because they are wider than 40 inches. Does anybody know of other TV's that I should be considering?

    I'm also looking at getting a ~23" LCD HDTV for upstairs to replace a 17 year old 20 inch Sony. Does anybody reccomend any TV's for this purpose?

    And, last but not least, are component cables a good investment for my PS2? (I will still play games on my PS2 that I don't want to re-buy for 360). Will they improve the quality much?

    Thank you so much everybody for the advice. It really means a lot to me because it's hard to figure out which is which when Samsung has 6+ 1080p 40" TV's.

    P.S. Does anybody have any idea when the 65nm chips will come out? Because I'm not planning to buy my Xbox until this summer, so I hope they have 65nm chips then.
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    No, the 360 (and the PS3 for that matter) is a POS player for standard DVDs. It plays HDDVDs acceptably well. It really is a game machine, the other features are just add-on, don't expect more.

    And 1080p at anything under 50" is kinda pointless. If it's the same price as 720p, go for it. But if there is a real price difference, you won't see an important difference between 720 and 1080.

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