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    Hi guys,

    I am having a dilema right now. I am now at a stage when I managed to collect some money and I can buy myself a MBP. I need 15 inch screen. Or at least I think I need.

    I am a photographer and I use Photoshop a lot. For the future use I will be using it for webdesign and coding. Now only for photography and compositing and some other uses of photoshop. I use Wacom tablet as well.

    Now. I watched what brings 2015 MPB and the overall performance is not that huge compared to the 2014 versions. So I figured out I do not need ForceTouch - I really want a physical click response.

    So I am thinking of buying a used 2013 version or new/used 2014 version.
    • I am not a gamer but I love some games like Dota2 and CS:GO(both based on Source/Source2 engine I guess).
    • I demand long battery life - well, here both 2013 and 2014 will fullfil my wish
    • I will carry it everywhere
    • I type with all ten fingers - keyboards are the same
    • I want Retina display - both do have it
    • Mainly used for Photoshop, then other Adobe Creative Suite apps - Lightroom, Premier, AfterEffects
    • Do both of them have PCIe based SSD unit? I found out PCIe is faster than SATA.
    I know, kind of a simple request which can be satisfied with both years (2013/2014). But speaking of future - I dont want to buy a new laptop for a long time. So the only reason why I am having this issue might be the graphics. Some of them have 2 graphic units, some have one.

    So am I being way too detail-focused or does it make a big difference in Photoshop? I really need smooth zooming. I work with xxx Mb big PSD files. I only know it will run way better than on my current EliteBook 8560w i5, 4Gb, Win10, Samsung SSD.

    My friend works in a shop and can reserve me one basic version of MBP 2014 with Intel Iris PRO 5100 (I guess). But used ones are only a bit cheaper so I see no point of saving money. Better have it with all warranty.

    So are there some enlightened persons who use on a everyday basis, take their laptop with them everywhere and can say some words if 2013 will suffice or should I go after 2014 version?
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    Hello...wrong forum!

    This is the discussion forum for the Mac Pro, not the MacBook Pro.

    You'll have more luck getting an answer to your question here.

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    Please delete or lock this thread. I am sorry. I did another one where I already recieved some replies. Thank you and once again sorry for wrong section.

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