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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by JimGoshorn, Sep 15, 2016.

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    Some speculation about the future which may or may not come to pass.

    Regarding the Mac:

    The app ecosystem is dependent on there being a way to create the apps. That currently requires a Mac.
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    This isn't pertinent to the Mac Pro in any significant way. It isn't particularly close to be insightful outside the Mac Pro space either. Phones that take voice input will still be phones. For most non-blind people visual is going to remain a factor.

    Apple dropped computer from the name much more for a conceptual fixation of folks outside Apple than Apple shifting on vision. There are a ton of folks who equate computer with PC and with "a box with slots and maybe a laptop". It is a vision stuck in late 70s-early 90s new form factors. It is largely the same disease the impacted folks from the 50s-70s in labeling the early PCs are not being "real computers". 'PC' becoming a stand in for "MS Windows Box" is another example of how people mutate and fixate words out of what they were originally used for.

    Apple has been about personal computers. Not an IBM form factor label, but computers than persons own to do personal things. The iOS devices are computers that person's own. In many ways they are more Personal Computers than the tools primarily owned by businesses and corporates. [ Unless in the corporations are people camp. ]

    Computers you take with you all the time is personal. if there are 8 billion people on the world and only 100M have it then haven't really changed the world because the vast majority of people (the world in terms of personal objects) doesn't have them. The "rest of us" is all those folks. Not some 'elite' 1%.

    An Apple car is deeply misguided. An Apple info/electronics package that car markers can plug in their chassis is a much better fit. Squeezing out Delphi ( and the like ) not GM , Ford, Fiat/Chrysler. An actually car is just something folks think Apple can use to soak up the money pit they are sitting on. There are much better uses for that money.

    Apple has been a system intergrator largely from the start. Whole computers, not kits, was the primariy objective. Now that is computer+services, but the whole approach of "we do the integration so you don't have to" is primarily the same.

    Apple never held this view

    "Apple was widely viewed as a niche computer company"

    Some folks think Apple wanted to be a boutique ( for the "chosen few" ) vendor. That never really was the primary purpose.
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    Not for all apps. http://www.apple.com/swift/playgrounds/

    That scope will only grow over time.

    The similarly the notion that Apple has to do a Mac Pro like system or app ecosystem will collapse is equally flawed.
    The same trend of development moving to smaller machines will enable it to move down onto the same form factors as the iOS devices occupy now over time.
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    How is this pertinent to the Mac Pro?

    It's barely even comprehensible. I have no idea what the point of the article is. Future stuff called project Titan?
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    From the rumors, it seems that Apple agrees with you, the changes in management on the project all seems to suggest that it is now headed in an electronics directions, rather than an actual car, which only makes sense, as Tim is not Elon Musk, and while I am sure that he could handle the logistics quite well, you need a real visionary heading the project to actually design a car from scratch, and there aren't a lot of those types around.
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    From the article:

    "Plus, it with the launch of the iPhone that Apple dropped the word Computer from its official company name, solidifying its fate as a consumer electronics company and resetting its core business by pushing the Mac to the background. You need only look at the languishing lineup today to see how little Macs matter to Apple’s new mission."

    And it was a discussion of how Apple keeps looking for the next thing even proposing that Apple is going to move past the iPhone.

    I thought it was interesting because it discusses Apple's vision and direction.
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    This is going to be Apple's fate if they let mac pro die.
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    Internet of Things 2.0.

    Completely independent devices, because... they are wireless. Streaming music from Apple Music directly to your AirPods? No Problem. Forgot your iPhone? No problem, you have Apple Watch, that can track your activities, while workout.

    Then there is AR and VR. God only knows where it can lead.

    Computers have place in this, but will be phased into content creation nieche, rather than content consuming. For past 40 years computers were the key devices for content consumption.

    Right now it shifted elsewhere. One device for one specific task, with App ecosystem. Completely independent, but parts of intelligent network.

    Nothing new really. In this very moment we are in between the stages of this market shift.

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