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    Just got home and my 15" MacBook Pro Retina, mid 2015 had a blank screen on, so I just shut it. About an hour later I opened it up and it was off. Had to hit the power button to start it and when it did it complained about having shut down, etc. But, there was this white halo all around the screen. I have tried re-start and powering down/back up, but it still has it. Makes it very hard to use because you loose the about ½" - ¾" inch all away around. I'm using OS X 10.12
    I have no idea where to start. Your advise is welcomed.
    edit: When I airplay to my ATV, it looks good, so the issue must be the screen.

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    I'd take it to the Genius Bar and have them check it out since you're still under warranty. I have a feeling it's either the graphics card or the connector cable.
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    It's the LCD or logic board, indeed, take it back mate.
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    Maybe it's an easter egg from Steve Jobs :D
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    I'm having the same problem, what turned out to be the problem?

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