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White MacBook keyboard cracked broken where hinges hit when closed. Repair?


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Jan 4, 2007
I did a search and saw that apple might replace the broken keyboard out of warranty. My first white MacBook had a broken keyboard and was replaced by apple. But my second, out of warranty, late 2008 MacBook has the same breaks and cracks when the hinges hit when it's closed.

I even had a silicone cover over the keyboards and palm rest because I knew this was a problem and it still happened.

Is there a specific term for this problem? How would one go about getting it repaired, free, from apple?


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May 29, 2011
Think you mean the top case, but yes, they are still repairing them for free and out of warranty. I've had mine replaced twice now in 5 years and both out of warranty (both absolutely tiny slivers that came off near the base of my right hand/wrist), the last on Thanksgiving weekend (2011). They were so small I would've never gotten the repair if it wasn't free and Apple's fault.

At least at my go-to store (Chicago Michigan Ave) they've downgraded the priority from 1.5 years ago (did it in an hour) to overnight/1.5 days.

All you do is take it in, show them the crack, they'll check their in-store inventory and let you know. Should have no problems.


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Jun 3, 2009
It's called "Splintered Top Case" take it to any local apple service center, and they will repair it out of warranty, no charge. Just had mine done, though it was my outer casing that was cracked. That was not covered under applecare or warranty, so I am screwed with a cracked outer case, bottom and top. So at least get your money's worth and replace the top case and keyboard. Try getting a skin for the top case, from iskins, decalsrus, or decalgirl etc. It helps prevent the separation of the inner top case plastic that causes the splintering. My top case did not splinter at all because I had a skin on it. But they replaced it anyway because they did not understand I meant the outer casing was cracked, so I got a new keyboard anyway.


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Apr 2, 2012
Just got mine fixed 2 days ago.. I made an appointment for the genius bar, went in, told them that the palm rest area was cracked and they just said "okay" took my info and I went on my merry way. I brought my MacBook in at 1:30pm and was able to pick it up at 5pm same day !!! Looks as good as new :) so anyway answer to your question is yes they fix it out of warranty haha:D
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