White Screen of Death, among other things.

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    Jan 25, 2011
    Hey all, I regret the decision of letting my brother borrow my Iphone because he managed to drop it down a flight of stairs, successfully making it get the white screen and then shut off a few seconds later. I tried to reset the Iphone by holding the power button and the home button, I get black lines on the side when I do this and it shuts off and I turn it back on and the Iphone still has the white screen. Also I tried to plug the Iphone into my computer but nothing happens when I do that and it acts like nothing has plugged into the computer, however when I plug it into the computer the Iphone stays on. I opened the Iphone to see if the wires were loose and they werent and I made sure they werent. I don't have a warranty on it anymore and Im afraid Im doomed. Any suggestions?
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    Jan 12, 2011
    What generation....

    White screen, if you are sure it is not the no.3 connector, assuming 3G etc. Then a good bet is the screen.


    I am sure it should still be recognised in the PC/MAC when plugged in.

    The display is sensitive to damage, it is only £20 so a cheap repair. and easy if you take the time. Make sure you spend the few extra bucks on a genuine.
    I had a water damaged no back-light phone, fixed that, only to find a white screen from taking it apart a few times (new display fixed it for me)

    Also maybe the lower dock mechanism maybe bust, not heard of that from a drop though. Sometimes this will cause charging, GSM, iPhone not recognised etc. Worth checking that connector also (Lower left)
    It is also a cheap part...

    Tis up to you..

    But keep reading around.

    Just my experiences.

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