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Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by Blakeco123, Mar 24, 2012.

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    Hi everyone, so I was wondering if I could get some help with my computer. The problem all started a week or two ago (I actually didn't notice until today) but my iPhone and my iPad were not syncing with my computer ( the last time my iPhone synced was march 8th) so today I was thinking why not just restart the computer because that might fix it, so I went up to the apple menu and hit restart the screen turned black and it said check connection, it turns out the mini's power light had not turned off so I held down the power button to turn it off then hit it again to turn it on I was greeted with a white screen (no wheel or apple logo) that would just sit there. So far I have restarted several times, reset the pram and tried booting to safe mode all to no avail, the white screen just stays there. I have a early 2009 Mac mini 2ghz core 2 duo with a 160hd and 8gbs of ram I installed myself about a year ago, I have several external hard drives and (luckly) time machine backups.
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    I have tried to boot from install but the computer doesn't do any thing, it just stayed on white screen. Thank you for the links but I already read all those guides about 30 minutes ago.
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    If its a MacPro (ie desktop) I've solved the problem repeatedly - and I have no idea why it works - by UnPluggin the computer, opening the latch to remove the side panel and pulling out the harddrive , switching it with another HD port - in my case I have 4 ports w 4 harddrives - I labelled the HDs w a sharpie so I know which one has the OS. This fixes it every time. MAKE SURE IT'S UNPLUGGED
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    If you performed a warm restart, the light should nor have gone off. It sounds as though it did not shut down properly, due to a bad connection somewhere, and hitting the power button aborted the attempt. You need to try firing her up with the original DVD - after checking (or unplugging) all external add-ons.

    EDIT; Sorry, didn't notice that you had already tried the install disk. Nevertheless, you need to eliminate all possible bad connections before retrying to boot.

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