white SR Macbook 'cracking'

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by qwerty2k, May 31, 2009.

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    hey guys, ive got an 18 month old white SR MacBook, recently im getting quite a few cracks on the casing on the top (around the keyboard), what can i do to stop it cracking further and how much would apple likely charge me to get it fixed? (im in the uk and there are no apple stores near me!)

    As you can see i nthe pics below to the left hand side of the keyboard is where most of the 'crack' has happened, the whole 'line' actually peels away and pulls off and is literally the thin piece of plastic topping, similar is now starting to happen to the right side (which may not be viewable in the pictures)



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    it's a widely known issue. search the forums and you'll find tons of similar cases. Apple is very good about fixing them, most of the time even if you don't have applecare. I'd call apple and they'll probably set up a repair for you for free, or maybe just the cost to ship it. in the US the phone number is 1800APLCARE. I don't know what the number is in the UK.
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    Apple UK
    800 039-1010
    0208 2181000

    Apple Repair UK
    0208 6609999

    I would just take it to an Apple Store if there's one convenient to you. As the previous poster said, they should repair it for free because this is a known issue.
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