Who can answer three basic questions on iPhone apps? Help! :)

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by romo218, Mar 27, 2009.

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    Mar 27, 2009
    Hey I have a few semi-basic questions about iPhone apps. If you know the answers to any of them please respond as it would help me ton. Even if you dont know the exact answer, it'll help me with any input. Trapster is a good example of what im looking for because it uses a map and it receives/sends small amounts of data constantly.

    1) How much on average does it cost to hire someone to code an app for you. Specifically, how much do you think the app Trapster took to program? Are there any specific other apps you know how much it took to code? I need estimates, because I have nothing.

    2) Apps like Trapster, send and receive small amounts of data all the time? What controls all of this data? Im guessing a server. But what are the server's specs? How many? Price per month?

    3) With 3.0 SDK now out, you can transmit data through bluetooth apparently. Can you transfer all the data from trapster on the iPhone so that you can read it on another device in the car? So this device will act pretty much the same as the app. Since you can now push for apps, can you make it so the push goes to the device automatically so you can use your iphone for something else than the app at the same time?

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    Cost of developing apps will vary greatly; I know some guys that are making $70 per hour developing iPhone apps for private companies. There's a good chance you can find someone that's not a "pro" iPhone developer that will work for far less. I would at the minimum anticipate paying someone $30 per hour.

    The program itself controls when the data is sent from the device. Server's will come in to play if you need remote file management, database, social networking, updating content and the list can go on. Cost-wise, I'd say throw together a cheap NAS stick it on your network and start there. If you need more there are more options out there than I care to go in to details about.

    I'm not familiar with trapster so I don't know what data it transmits, so I can't tell if it will be possible via bluetooth with OS 3.0. Also the device needs to be able to interpret the data your app is sending to it. So far what we've been told about push notification is simply just that, it's a notification system. For example you have mail or an IM waiting for you.

    It would help if you were a little more clear on what you hope to accomplish and you can get better advice at that time.

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