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Aug 7, 2011
I don't but I know a lot of people do. Why do you?

For me....if I have to carry more than one phone for personal use then.....something is wrong with my choice for a phone..... I refuse to carry more than one phone at a time. I do have 2 phones.....But only one is my daily driver. That is my HTC M8 for now.....


Aug 23, 2005
Yep my M8 and 1020 are with me most of the time. When it's inappropriate to carry two, I decide which to carry based on what I'm going to be doing....


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Aug 23, 2012
McKinney, TX
I carry two - both iPhones currently. One is personal, the other is for work.

I took the opportunity (having two phones) to try Android last year. Went though 4 handsets (HTC One, GS4, Nexus 5, Moto G) and liked things about all of them.

If I could use an Android for work, I might still have one. But I really prefer my personal device be an iPhone. Main reason being sharing and communicating with all my iPhone carrying friends and family!


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Oct 5, 2008
Well, I have two different phones: iPhone 5 and Note 3. I'm still up in the air about giving up my iPhone 5 right now. Eh.


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Jul 23, 2010
I dunno, somewhere in West Texas
Partly one for work and one for play but it's not company issued. I like having a personal line direct to my friends & family where I'm not always dealing with business colleagues. Also, I enjoy dabbling with various OS's and like having a foot in the door of both Android and iOS


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Dec 13, 2012
I used to have 2 but since switching to the S5 i only need 1, i use blocking mode from 6pm-8am except for family/friends, and have a notification light that works. Also separate volume controls help.

Stooby Mcdoobie

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Jun 26, 2012
I have a Nexus 5 for personal use and a company issued blackberry that I carry to meetings at work. When I'm not at work the BB stays locked up at my desk.


Oct 7, 2011
Tempe, AZ
I carry 2 phones, mainly because the Note 3 is indispensable since I am constantly annotating PDFs on the go. Right now I am carrying the Note 3 and HTC One M8. I am seriously considering selling my Xperia Z2, its not getting into my rotation much, but haven't made a final decision yet.

Normally when I go out on a Friday or Saturday night I only carry one phone, the Note 3 just goes everywhere with me when I am working on research or teaching.


Jun 18, 2010
Couple years ago, I had five phones. Two iPhones, an Android, a Windows Phone, and a local branded QWERTY phone with analog TV. Back then, it started to feel overkill. Eventually I sold two of the iPhones and got my WP stolen.

But in the Philippines where Filipinos are gadget freaks/FB & selfie addicts, you pretty much need two phones or more and have two sims or more.

I only use three phones but I usually carry one (M7) when I'm out. We have dual sim phones to rectify carrying multiple phones. Sometimes it is better to have a cheap old Nokia as a backup. Alot of thieves and pick pockets esp in the bus or jeepneys. You have to be low profile sometimes. For me to own multiple phones is based on environment and thieves. We need backup phones.


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May 3, 2009
Single phone for me, the thought of carrying a duplicated device is not something I wish to do - I have only so much space in my pockets.


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Mar 3, 2008
I have an iPhone 5 (personal) and a Moto Razr M (work-issued) running iOS 7.1.1 and Android 4.4.2 Kitkat respectively.

With the enterprise iPhone management features announced at WWDC this week, I think it's only a matter of time before I can get a work-issued iPhone. I might opt to let my line expire and use my work phone for everything. After all, the biggest objection I have to putting my company profile on my phone is unlocking. The fingerprint reader makes unlocking a non-event. Another objection is having my iCloud account tied to a company phone. I think I'll get over it. Lastly there's the memory footprint. I'll have to go on a "data diet" to get back below 16 GB. I'm at 25+ GB on my 32 GB iPhone 5 right now. It will be a struggle but it will be doable.

The differences between Kitkat and Jellybean are sort of like the differences between iOS 6 and iOS 6.0.1. I mean the lock screen is slightly different and so is the dialer. Big whoop. I never want to be at the mercy of a carrier for an update, wait a whole year for it and then it is anticlimactic when I finally do get it. Yes, once iPhone is available through my job, I'll be down to 1 phone and I don't care if I ever see Android again.
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Jul 29, 2006
Hi, name is Rafael and I have a problem. LOL

Take last week during the NHL playoffs, I was watching the game on my S5 and using my Z2 to browse & text.


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Sep 1, 2009
I have a feeling I might have to down the road if the company I'm currently working for as a contractor hires me in a few months. Since they won't pay for your personal phone if you decide not to get one from them.


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Feb 21, 2011
Same here with the work phone (Razr M) and personal phone (S5). We're actually not allowed to use our work phones for personal use (local government policy). As a gadget geek, I don't mind playing with two phones at all.


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Aug 17, 2007
Same here with the work phone (Razr M) and personal phone (S5). We're actually not allowed to use our work phones for personal use (local government policy). As a gadget geek, I don't mind playing with two phones at all.

I'd love to have 2 phones to play with and switch between, however, I wouldn't want to have to carry them both around.


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Dec 22, 2009
I carry up to three phones at any one time because I'm a drug dealer obviously ;)

Nah but for real I just like using multiple platforms, there's no real reason behind it, just pure geekiness. CM on the S4 has been my daily driver for the past year though. Hard to fault it.
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