Who has an Olympus XD card and a few minutes to spare?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Raid, Jul 2, 2008.

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    err I meant Olympus... damn hyper active spell check

    Lately I've been trying to get the most out of my Olympus 1030SW, and I have been researching ways of unlocking features that are only available when using XD storage cards. The only method I found on the internet involved a hex edit in two hacked .exe files... which is probably very old, as XP gives me a driver error when I tried it in Bootcamp. :(

    So in thinking it over I was wondering if I could fake an XD card by using a disk image taken from a blank XD, and using that image to reformat the MicroSD card I currently have in the camera. The process would be something like this:
    1. Open XD card image with Disk Utility.
    2. Edit image to reflect MicroSD card size.
    3. Format MicroSD card with edited XD image.
    4. Plug in MicroSD card and pray that it works.
    I'm aware that there's no guarantee that this will work, and that I could potentially bugger up the MicroSD card in the attempt, but I'm willing to risk it for the sake of having a fully functional camera with more than 2GB of storage capacity.

    So if you have an XD card and are willing to make an image of it please PM me! I'd prefer an image of one of the faster XD cards, but I'm not that picky. Card size isn't important as I'll be taking it up to 6GB to fit my MicroSD card... I assume with the card image blank and compressed, the file size would be very small and might fit the forum attachment guidelines if anyone else wants to try this.

    ...And of course I'd be willing to post the results here! :)
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    Hi there I think you would be better served if you went to an Olympus forum or even try Dpreview where they have dedicated users of such cards.

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