Who has both covers for your IPP and can't decide?


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Sep 11, 2016
sunny So. Ca.
Originally I bought the folio cover and really liked it. Then I was in the Apple store and tried out the ASK. Well I had to get it. Now I can actually see myself using both at different times. Am I crazy?


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Jan 6, 2017
New York
I don’t have both, but I don’t think you’re crazy. They serve different purposes and I could definitely see a time when I’d like the foldable folio design to angle it on the table. But I type a lot, so the keyboard was a no-brainer to me. I’ll wait to see what kind of third party folio-esque options come out since $80 seems like a lot for that other functionality.
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Aug 16, 2007
I have both. Mainly use the keyboard at home or if I’m traveling. I use the smart folio around town and the office as I use the Pencil more for jotting down notes and tasks.


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Jul 9, 2016
Both here too. I use the folio and the Magic Keyboard at home and the ASK while traveling. Was considering getting rid of the folio, but bought a Magic Keyboard instead. I really like the combo. Of course, rather than saving $100, I spent an additional $145! :(