Who has bought the iPhone 4 on 3 / Three


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Hi, like many I want to buy an iPhone 4.
However after looking at 3's contract deals Here
It is hard to justify the higher prices with Vodafone etc..

So has anyone bought theirs with 3? If so could you share your experience please.

My main concern is that I live in two places which are both quite rural, meaning they dont have a 3g service.

And also the only other draw back is they dont include a wifi hotspot service, but do people actually use them?

Any comments would be very helpful to me and probably others. Thanks


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Oct 14, 2008
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I didn't buy my iPhone from 3 but I've tested my 3 SIM in my iPhone 4.
It seems to get good reception where I live, not as good as my O2 SIM does, however.

You would honestly need to get some kind of 3 device to check the signal quality in the areas you would be using it. They have a coverage map on their website but it cannot compete with actual usage. If possible, find someone you know who's on 3 currently and see what their signal is like.

Having purchased my iPhone 4 direct from Apple I was able to test Orange, 3, o2 and T-mobile on the day I got it but still find o2 to have the best coverage where I live and work so I've stuck with them. I do, however, use my 3 SIM in my Nexus One purely for data now. Free GPS navigation with google maps cannot be beaten.


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Jul 6, 2005
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I'm an ex-O2 3G owner now on three with iP4 - Had no problems so far. The free tethering comes in very handy.

One thing to notice though is that 3 do not do visual voice mail, so you'll have to either revert back to old fashioned dial-up voice mail or use something like Hullomail.


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Jul 22, 2010
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I'm on three, it is fairly good to be honest, their reception is definitely nationally better than orange now, however obviously behind o2 and voda. but reception seems good enough for me and i live in norwich, not the best area for reception, 3G remains in tact with often 2-3 bars.

customer services can be a bit ***** because the call centres are all in india, but hopefully u wudnt have to call them much! and what i like about 3 is that u can check ur remaining minutes and texts on a web page, but also the remaining MBs of usage u have left (which some providers dont do) all at a glance


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Jul 11, 2008
London, UK
I got it on launch day and it's been perfect since then.

I previously had the iPhone 4 on Vodafone and had very very bad coverage experiences even in central london.

Ever since 3 I have 3G everywhere I've been to and also had my old number ported in less than 2 days.

The guy in the shop told me that he was sure I wouldn't be back to the shop to complain but only to thank them and that's what I feel like doing. And as if this wasn't enough they have the cheapest iPhone and cheapest/best tariff as well.

I'm a happy customer! :)


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Ok, I think I am sold.
Thanks for the comments you have assured me.
I think I will try there reception before, maybe get a free sim and try it on my unlocked phone....

Also GreatOldOne is that on all tariffs? I have not seen it. maybe you can point it to me.

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