Who has removed data plan for 1st gen iPhone or currently has ability to remove data?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by jarvxd, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. jarvxd macrumors newbie

    Jul 9, 2008
    So I'm thinking of nabbing a 1st gen iPhone after everybody who upgrades puts theirs up on ebay and was wondering about the possibility of removing the data plan required to activate it on ATT. So I called ATT three times and talked to a few reps, this is what they said:

    The first rep said I could activate an old iPhone but would have to choose a data plan in the activation process. I told him I didn't mind activating it w/ a data plan but wondered if there was the possibility to remove the data after it was activated, he said that was not a problem and could be done.

    The second rep I called said the same and when I tried to clarify w/ him that it could be removed he asked me to hold and either sat there a picked his nose or talked to his manager or something but came back and said that the data plan could not be removed.

    The third rep was similar to the second... same explanation on why I didn't want it, put on hold, came back and said it was required.

    SO... are they bluffing, b/c if you search around there was obviously a time where you remove the data plan:


    don't know if this still holds true or not but thats the best evidence I've found that shows it is optional. Plus, all of them seemed to know and mention that Visual Voicemail wouldn't work w/o accessing the data network.

    Anyone w/ a 1st gen iPhone and has their data plan removed w/o unlocking their iPhone?
    Anyone w/ a 1st gen iPhone who has the option in their ATT online account to remove the data plan if they do have data plan?

    I still am not totally sure that buying an old iPhone is the best route, only after 10 months does the old iPhone remain cheaper (assuming a used price of $350 and a $20 data plan (200 included TM) and a $30 data plan w/ $5 for 200 TM) for the 3G). I attached a graph for you visual people :) However, after 24 months the 3G will end up costing about $200 more than a used one.

    Any thoughts?

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  2. csrx macrumors member

    Jul 5, 2007
    It happened to me.

    I had been using a Nokia, and all of a sudden my iphone data plan got dropped (this is bad because it would disqualify me for an upgrade). Reset my voicemail, couldn't access any media.net or web services.
    I had a hard time getting them to add the iphone data plan back on.

    Funny thing is I did this with 2 of my accounts, and my data plan only got dropped on one account.

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