Who here does this? - I've discovered an incredibly handy technique!

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by iMattcotv, Sep 11, 2011.

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    Short version of the post (for the lazy):
    I bought two iOS cables & USB drive so that I can restore & jailbreak mine or any friends device if theres a computer that has or doesnt have internet.


    Long version of the post:
    In my little pocket sized wallet (slightly over credit card sized & very thin) I now have
    - Obvious cards & no money ;)
    - Two tiny 7cm iOS Cables (costed about $20 upon arrival)
    - Quarter-sized 4GB USB Drive (costed about $25 upon arrival)

    On that USB drive I have:
    - PDAnet
    - iTunes 10.2.2
    - iPhoneBrowser
    - Current IPSW for iPhone/iPod 4/iPad 1 (I also have 4.3.3 IPSW for my iPhone - just incase I have to restore, i prefer untethered jailbreak ;)
    - Snowbreeze, Redsnow, Limerain
    - TinyUmbrella, Fix Recovery, Recboot
    - Which comes to just over 3GB

    So that if a computer is in distance & is needed I can:
    - Jailbreak / Restore
    - Put / take files
    - Give internet to any PC / iPhone, iPod touch 4 or iPad 1

    Reason I made the investment is I have been in countless situations where Id need a usb cable to charge my phone, or restore / boot / fix mine or others devices that happen to need it & having a computer available.

    JUST yesterday for example. I was at my friends house who just got a new iPad 1. She showed me how amazing it is to go on the internet & all this stuff, but after I showed her all the more amazing things that you can do when your jailbroken, she wanted to jailbreak hers. She couldnt though, the computer in her room was old & strictly used for work & has no wireless adapter / internet wires.

    So heres what I did:
    1. I whipped out my USB, plugged it into her computer & installed (sounds pretty dirty if you think about it LOL) / placed PDAnet, iOS 4.3.5, Snowbreeze & Redsnow.
    2. Plugged my iPhone, & using PDAnet, I shared the wireless network that she has, to her computer via USB
    3. Plugged her iPad in (using the cable she has, I have two just in case) & updated / jailbroke her iPad

    Ask me if I could do this a couple years ago, & I would have laughed in your face by how advanced that would have been in terms of functionality of the iPhone & the jailbreak community.

    Now I nod agreeingly ;D
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