Who is buying the 3GS?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by quagmire, Sep 10, 2010.

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    Apr 19, 2004
    I just noticed on the Apple Store that shipping times for the 3GS has slipped to 1-2 weeks. What is going on? Are people buying up the 3GS over the whole antenna issue? Is Apple sacrificing 3GS production for the iPhone 4 so supplies are low for the 3GS?
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    Some people don't care about the iPhone 4. The 8GB 3Gs still is an excellent phone and people do want it.

    I got an iPhone 4 on launch. A few weeks later. I sold my original 3GS on one of my lines and took the money and bought a new 8GB 3GS and a new 32GB 3GS. The 8GB was shipping in 7 days back then in July so I ordered from AT&T instead and had it the very next day.
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    I can kill that data stream on any iPhone 4 without a bumper, and can degrade the performance of one with a bumper. Of course there are people who are avoiding the 4 due to its antenna issues, not to mention that 3GS is great and affordable.
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    If you mean people putting $100 or more down for an inferior older model iPhone, I think many around here would agree. I wouldn't have bought such a comment myself until I finally broke down and bought an iP4 last week, due to my 3gs being shattered beyond repair. It is indeed simply marvelous - like the slogan says - again.

    Aside from stunning HD videos the thing that blows me away the most, especially after all the media bashing, is that I use this one as a legit workable phone, finally! In many many more areas (like inside my home) that my 3gs or previous 2 prior models for that matter would not connect.

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