Who is Ming-Chi Kuo ??

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    Ming-Chi Kuo has been the foundation of so many Mac Rumors for easily over a decade now, many which have been accurate and others not as accurate but still with good substance.

    He forms I would say roughly 60-70 percent of the rumors posted on the front page of Mac Rumors.

    To this day he has not been revealed, which is probably a good thing for this website but surely someone here knows who he is?

    Your thoughts?
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    This is all we know.
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    What do you mean "he has not been revealed"? His name, his workplace, his title, and a picture are all public.
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    But do we really think that is his picture???? :D
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    “Innovation” sounds suspiciously like feature-creep to me. Stability improvements are not as sexy, but this is what’s needed. But consumers are demanding new features akin to the early days of smartphones. It’s just not going to happen at the same pace now that the tech has matured. There isn’t much to add really. Much like how the excitement around the personal computer faded nearly two decades ago. There really hasn’t been a major breakthrough in desktops for a very long time. And it’s not just Apple facing the plateau, but because Apple revolutionized smartphones, somehow the maturity of the tech is seen as a fault on their part. The iPhone X is far and beyond anything the original iPhone was, but because of all of smaller steps in between, it seems less innovative. And no, a complete software redesign is not what’s needed; this would just alienate users.
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    Don't know, and don't care :D
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    I don't understand how that fits this thread.
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    True. Not sure what else the OP would like "revealed".
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    He clearly has relatives/spies working in every major parts and assembly factory, perhaps even as prototyping engineers.

    That's how he'd know not only what was coming, but also whenever production ramped up/down and why.

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