Who likes dongles?


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Sep 30, 2014
Would anyone prefer dongles over some extra millimeters for the upcoming mbp? I'm still debating if I should just get the 2015 version, but the damn prices haven't lowered one currency unit in my country since introduced in early 2015.

As it stands, I would need a dongle for: several usb type a, hdmi, sd card reader, displayport, vga, possibly ethernet. This will not only make my setupt look like a total mess, but I would need to buy that stuff twice, both for home and work use, unless I always take them with me. But I guess I will need to bring some of them with me all the time because who has usb type c devices already? And dongles are expensive!

Maybe in the future every device will have a usb type c connection, or will eventually be wireless, but that future is not now, and will certainly not be in a few years as the world always lags several years behind in terms of technology adaptation.


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Nov 3, 2011
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Cables maybe, but that has not changed in decades. Most monitors you buy now have Display Port, HDMI and other inputs and a lot come with the cables. 2015 rMBPs have SD card slots, HDMI ports, 2 USB 3 (backward compatible with USB 2) ports. Ethernet is your choice, assuming WiFi is also available.

I carry my laptop to and from work and home, and only take the power adapter with me.


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Jan 1, 2002
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Airplay works great. I wish a projector maker would license it. Only other wireless display I have seen that works as well is the Barco stuff.

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Sep 22, 2016
Wait for the introduction of the new models and buy the 2015, it will come down in price for a time till it is sold out.

USB-C is the future standard, though.


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Apr 2, 2016
Even 2015 model doesn't have VGA and a lot of USB-A ports. If ports are really that important to you and you don't want dongle, I know HP has ZBook 17 mobile workstation featuring all those connections you mentioned excluding DP. Yes, it has VGA for legacy support. Not a lot of workstations today still have VGA. It also has thunderbolt 3/USB-C.


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Dec 31, 2015
Well, this guy ...

but then again, he thought the word "dongle" meant something pervy! ;)

But I'm not fond of the idea of having to carry around a dongle for my everyday needs. One of the reasons why I'll never buy a MacBook - one of the other reasons is I want a big screen, not 12"

.......aaaannnnd he thinks I'm talking about him now