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Jul 24, 2002
We have 4 iPads in current use in my household. All are mine/old ones of mine.

My iPad is a 2nd gen iPad Pro 12.9"
My wife is my old iPad Air 2
My elder daughter has a current spec basic iPad
My youngest daughter has my very old 2nd gen iPad

Only the last one cannot run the current version if iOS (or even a moderately recent version) but it still works for her just fine


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May 27, 2007
Rochester, NY
I use iPad Pro 10.5 64GB, iPad Pro 12.9 128GB (Gen1), iPad mini 2 16GB on a daily basis. I am tempted to trade in the two older iPad Pros and get a new 12.9 Pro that just came out.


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May 24, 2007
I use a 2013 iPad Air which I use as my main computer fairly heavily every day. I have an original iPad but it’s fairly useless these days.
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rui no onna

Oct 25, 2013
Any 3 gen basic ipad users here?
That's cruel and unusual torture. Traded those in ($100 a pop) as soon as the $329 5th gen iPads were released. :p

My DD is either Air 3 or Pro 10.5. The 12.9 is also getting a lot of use nowadays although I usually just leave it on my office desk and just bring it home for weekends.

I've got an iPad 4 that I use for reading or watching in the kitchen (so I don't mind if it gets splashed a bit). However, oldest model in active use as primary iPad in our household is the Air 2.

I am super-impressed with the iPad2. The battery is still pretty good even. When we do need to upgrade I hope to be able to keep using it as a remote control for various home automation things
I'm amazed you can still tolerate using the iPad 2. I couldn't really stand it past iOS 6. I do agree on the batteries, though.


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Jul 24, 2002
I'm amazed you can still tolerate using the iPad 2. I couldn't really stand it past iOS 6. I do agree on the batteries, though.

I don't use it. It's in a bright orange soft/foam type case and a 2 year old uses it to watch Peppa Pig on Plex. She is happy enough with it. And its so close to worthless if she does somehow damage it I'm not too worried. Her older sister has current gen one as she actually uses it (maybe a lot more now with schools closed).


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Sep 21, 2012
Been using an iPad Air 2, but ordered the Pro 11 yesterday to replace it. It has been slow and some apps wouldn't install due to missing features.


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Jan 20, 2009
i would love to implement an older iPad for home photos. mount the old iPad on the kitchen wall in a picture frame.

an issue is the power it would burn up when no one is in the room to see the pictures.

if anyone can recommend a ios app that could re purpose an old iPad? The app would have to do motion detection. Wake on someone entering the room.


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Oct 31, 2014
Comparing the new 11 to my 10.5 pro, the differences are- chip, Retina display, camera, WiFi , Face ID, 6 gb ram. My 10.5 continues to serve me well but I think I may get the new one and hand down my 10.5 to my wife.


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Sep 19, 2017
Using a 2017 10.5 iPad Pro Wi-Fi + Cellular 512GB (goes everywhere with me and stays in my daily carry bag), 2017 12.9 iPad Pro Wi-Fi only 256 GB (used constantly at home), and a iPad mini 5 Wi-Fi only 256 GB (just got it and absolutely love it, great for browsing in bed or when I just want something small with me). Bought all three on Apple's refurbished site and I'll be using them til they die, or become to slow to use efficiently. I keep about 70GB of music on them and really need the headphone jack for my preferred headphones (B&O H6 Mk2).


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Sep 20, 2011
Cool to both of you way to reuse something and not allowing it to go to landfill

For the prices of some models, I would sure hope I could get 3-4 years usage. I mean, if iPad ever wants to be the "next computer" than they should have the longevity of a Mac or PC.


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Jul 21, 2013
Still have two iPad mini 2 in rotation for the kiddo and an iPad 4 rocking iOS 7, runs perfect with amazing battery life for streaming media


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Apr 8, 2015
I use an iPad Pro 9.7. Worked flawlessly up until September 2019, when it was forced from iOS 9 to iOS 12 by Apple’s pathetic activation bug and lack of downgrade options. I was on Safari and it rebooted on its own, and deactivated. I couldn't get out of the setup screen as it wasn’t jailbroken and was forced to update.

Works fairly well, but battery life saw an immediate and enormous decrease.
I will eventually buy something new but I have to travel first and I don’t know when will that be. For the foreseeable future, I’m “stuck” with this.
I totally loved this iPad before September, when it was on iOS 9.
It will never be updated manually, but freaking Apple can force it at any moment so I wouldn’t call that certain.
What’s funny is that I don’t know if I would even want a new iPad if this one were still on iOS 9. So I guess I’m (or I will be) rewarding pathetic behaviour by just buying a new one. I love iPads (on their original iOS version), so I don’t really have a choice. At least I got to use this one on iOS 9 for three years...
Also, new iPads are ridiculously expensive, especially considering that I wouldn’t even want to upgrade so badly if it weren’t for Apple’s own fault. I hope that Apple releases a good Air 3 replacement, hopefully edge-to-edge at a fair price. I’m not paying 800 for an iPad Pro, no way.
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Sep 16, 2009
I have an Air in my kitchen I use for a news app and YouTube TV.

Have an Air 2, 10.5 iPad Pro that I use daily and travel with.


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Mar 18, 2020
subquestion: who is thinking of getting the refurbished 2018 ipp 11 for 549 bucks? is that a good idea?
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