Who was the one who bought a WD passport 160GB...

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by suneohair, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. suneohair macrumors 68020


    Aug 27, 2006
    and put the 160GB in the macbook and put the 80GB in the passport?

    I am sure I read it on here like yesterday. I can't find the thread though. I wanted to ask how easy it was to take it apart. And how the drive performs. The specs make it out to be slower than the 160GB scorpio. But that could be because it is over SATA.
  2. drake macrumors 6502a


    Jul 5, 2005
    That may have been me, but it was a 120gb not a 160gb. It was relatively easy to do. I looked at the specs before doing it, and they were roughly the same. And a word of warning, not all of the Passports have SATA drives. Make sure you run the WD utility to see which drive it is before ripping it apart or you might not be able to take it back (or buy at Costco, like I did).
  3. suneohair thread starter macrumors 68020


    Aug 27, 2006
    Hmm. Thanks. I may avoid the hassle and just get the 160GB Hitachi. It would be nice to have the passport though. I wanted to buy it online considering it would most likely be cheaper. Thanks for the info.
  4. dtsone macrumors newbie

    Jul 26, 2004
    North Carolina
    I went to CostCo this morning and purchased a WD Passport 160GB (black) for $139. It does contain a WD Serial ATA hard drive. It is very easy to snap the case open and remove the hard drive with no tools.

    I used this drive to replace a dead 60GB drive in a white MacBook.

    Everything is installted and the computer is running great.

    Good luck.

  5. DaLurker macrumors 6502

    Mar 30, 2006
    They have the 160gb now?! Wow.... nice! I should go pick that one up.. kind of worried my 120gb won't cut it
  6. thestaton macrumors 6502

    Jan 19, 2006
    holy cow, super cool trick. is the largest offered by the WD's still 160gb? if not that could be a sweet way to get something like a 300gb for the ole lappy :)
  7. suneohair thread starter macrumors 68020


    Aug 27, 2006
    Could you tell me the drive model that was in it? Thanks. :D I am guessing it is the: WD1600BEVS

    I am sorta leaning toward buying the 5K160, as it is a great performer. I could still buy an enclosure for the same price as buying the WD. Decisions decisions.
  8. dtsone macrumors newbie

    Jul 26, 2004
    North Carolina
    System Profiler Reports: WD1600BEVS-22RST0.

    Happy upgrading.

  9. 12991 macrumors member

    Feb 3, 2007
    wait, does the western digital passport work with the macbook via 1 usb port without external power cord?? I read it doesnt. Id also be interested in switching my hdd in my laptop too. I wanted to buy an external hdd, but if i could just keep the larger one in my laptop, thatd be much easier
  10. DaLurker macrumors 6502

    Mar 30, 2006
    Yes, it will work with only one USB port.
  11. CrzyCanuck72 macrumors 6502a

    Jun 10, 2003
    Costco is selling the 160GB Passport for a good price again ($150 CDN)...so this procedure does work? And it's not difficult? For those who have done it, how does the WD drive perform in the MacBook? Is it quiet, cool, etc.?
  12. CanadaRAM macrumors G5


    Oct 11, 2004
    On the Left Coast - Victoria BC Canada
    Just checking - you get only 1 year warranty (if any at all, after opening the case) with this method, as opposed to 3 years warranty buying the WD Scorpio SATA drive on its own, right?
  13. Airforce macrumors 6502a


    Jan 12, 2006
    What's the reasoning behind doing this? It's cheaper to just buy the hard drive separate and a 2.5 enclosure.
  14. CrzyCanuck72 macrumors 6502a

    Jun 10, 2003
    CostCo is selling it for $150 CDN. I haven't seen a 160GB drive for less than $150, plus another $25 for the enclosure...the tradeoff is the warranty...which may not be worth saving $25.
  15. Airforce macrumors 6502a


    Jan 12, 2006
    I guess prices are a little off in your neck of the woods. It's cheaper to buy the drive ( http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetail.jsp?ProductCode=101231 ) and an enclosure (which can run less than $15) here in America.
  16. biturbomunkie macrumors 6502a

    Jul 30, 2006
    i'm tempted to do this... but i've never had a good experience w/ WD.
  17. konfuzion macrumors member

    Jul 7, 2006
    Bay Area
    I have a 120 GB passport (for $100 from Best Buy over Christmas). Its gorgeous, compact and works with the single USB port. I also just installed a 160 GB Hitachi from macsales.com and it was a breeze. I just checked out this this page and then partitioned the drive and loaded my backup from superduper. It cost $145 inc. shipping for the 160 GB and was DEFINITELY worth it. The passport is small enough to fit in my InCase sleeve so I always have 280 GB on me.
  18. MacPC911 macrumors newbie

    Mar 31, 2007
    Hi all,

    Just picked one of these 160 GB beauties up from my local CostCo for $99 ($99!), and am very happy. However, I'd like to disassemble this drive as well so as to swap out with my MBP's 100 GB, but truth be told, i see no easy way into the WD case. No screws under the feet, and if there's a screw under the serial number sticker, I'd as soon not have to break that to make this happen - we'll see.

    Regardless: Any step-by-step instructions on getting the WD case open?

    Thanks much,
  19. riotshield macrumors member

    Apr 18, 2007
    Just a heads up, Best Buy has the 120GB Passport for $69 this week, no rebates.

    I bought one on Sunday and swapped the 120GB into my MB and the old 60GB into the enclosure. After re-installing OS X, my MB is a lot more responsive...even more than upgrading the RAM from 512MB -> 2GB.

    Make sure to run WD Diagnostics on the drive to confirm that it's compatible with the Macbook before opening the enclosure and risk not being able to return it. The model should be 1200BEVS (SATA), not 1200BEVE (EIDE)
  20. bohrsatom macrumors member

    May 18, 2005
    Hi Riotshield,

    How difficult it is to take the drive out of the enclosure? The post before yours makes it sound like its actually quite hard!

    I'd also read somewhere about WD SATA drives making macs kernel panic (due to their 'anti-drop' technology conflicting with the one inside the notebooks) - have you noticed this problem yourself?

    Thanks in advance

  21. riotshield macrumors member

    Apr 18, 2007
    Hey bohrsatom,

    It's not too hard to open the enclosure, but it's held together entirely by tabs (no screws) so it takes some time to avoid breaking them. I used the screwdriver on a Swiss army knife to gently pry the tabs one by one.

    I haven't had any problems with the drive and the shock protection technology. Then again, I don't think I've had an occasion for it to kick in (yet, knock on wood).
  22. Squonk macrumors 65816


    Mar 15, 2005
    Knock on wood, just don't drop on wood... he he :cool:
  23. fab5freddy macrumors 65816


    Jan 21, 2007
    Heaven or Hell
    is it possible to do this trick with a MacBook Pro 15" ?

  24. djellison macrumors 68020

    Feb 2, 2007
    Pasadena CA
    I would have thought so - I just did the 160-into-Macbook myself :)

  25. MacDann macrumors 6502a


    Mar 27, 2007
    Can see the end of the Earth from here
    OWC is selling the WD 160G 2.5" SATA drive for $99 through their newsletter. It's about $5 more for non-members, I think.


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